Disambiguations: Bug (Sentinel), Bug (Soldier), Bug (User)

1999bug, or Bug, is a minifig who
often goes on adventurous quests!

Sometimes you find him as a Sentinel, or sometimes as a Soldier!

1999bug is always there when a job needs done!

Where can you find him??Edit

1999bug is a member of the Universe Protection Initiative Group, UPIG, and often can be found at their main base, but normally resides at home, where
he dresses casually, like above, and below.

Who is he?Edit

Little is known about 1999bug, or Bug.

Some say he fought in an epic war between aliens and a totally different race of aliens. Recently, it is said he is fighting in a different war, on a different planet.....

He is infact human, though, and lives on Earth and Lego Universe.