Blacktron team Epsilon is the lowest-ranking Blacktron team in the blacktron league. They consist of 10 minifigures, nine normal and their leader. The blacktrons are, unfortunatley, nice guys, however their leader is both mean, and calls the shots, so they're the villains anyway. They are also poorly equipped.


Most of the members are brothers, and will be listed accordingly.

Benjamin & Blake

Ben and Blake are from Britain, thus they say Biscuit and Loo instead of Cookie and Toilet, and have pleasing accents. They are, like most of the team, friendly. However,they are so alike that they confuse people, even each other. Blake owns a memory-sucking machine, which he uses to extract the information he needs.

Blu & Bligh

Blu and Bligh also have pleasing accents, only Australian, wich means they say G'day and Mate instead of Good morning and Dude.Dispite the fact they look the same, they act very different, as Blu likes Cheese-wiz and Bligh Tacos.

Bingo & Boingo

Bingo and Boingo are ,as Benjamin and Blake say the "All-American twits". They are very normal.