King of the Forbidden ValleyEdit

Lord Sulfur is the nastiest robot to ever live. What?? You didn't know he was a robot!? Yup! 5% intelligenge, and 95% robot!

Okay, maybe he isn't that stupid, he did conquer the Forbidden Valley of Death, and still, to this day rules it!

The Forbidden Valley of Death is a little nook & cranny in Lego Universe, where all things evil dwell. Even the creatures of the Forbidden Valley couldn't stand the rank smell of Sulfur (Get it?Sulfur?) so they let him rule, as long as he stayed far away from them. I guess stench is a good weapon....

Lord Sulfur is none to keen that he smells of Sulfur, but he still know this, and uses it as a weapon sometimes, so watch out!!


Lord Sulfur`s only true enemy is the brave sentinel, Bug, who valiantly slays the monsters of Forbidden Valley. One day they may meet up.....and then there will be an apocolypse!