"Trouble? Ooh, my favorite!"

-Sammy to Chip

Samwise Robinson is an 8-year-old minifigure who adores (to the extent of worship) Chip. He is best friends with Eddie and Lloyd.


Aaron RobinsonEdit

Aaron is Sammy's big brother. They constantly fight, but remain good friends. Despite sibling rivalry, Aaron is rarely(if ever), the subject of The Terrible Trio's pranks.


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Eddie and Sammy have known each other since Preschool. They love to cause (and get into) trouble together, as well as with Lloyd.

Lloyd GarmadonEdit

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Lloyd met Sammy and Eddie in Kindergarden. He immediately took to joining them in their pranks, stowaway missions, and trips to Chip's house.

Lord GarmadonEdit

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Sammy doesn't see Garmadon often, However he does meet him from time to time, and are actually quite friendly to each other.


Sammy absolutly adores Chip. When Chip gets lonely while his brother Pickles is away for the weekend, he tends to invite little kids for sleepovers. Sammy always accepts, and almost always brings Eddie and Lloyd.