The Terrible Trio is the name of Sammy Robinson , Lloyd Garmadon, and Eddie's troublemaking group. They rarely escape punishment for their neumerous exploits.


The Trio constantly pulls pranks on people, most commonly Darth Vader and the fangirl, Hannah. Their most common prank is to pour cheese fondue on poeple as they walk under a balcony. The biggest of their's is pouring chocolate on the victim's head, throwing them in the freezer, taking them out, putting them on a statue pedestal, ang giving it a whipped cream afro.

Stowaway tripsEdit

The Trio is also famed for sneaking on boats, planes, and spaceships without anyone noticing until they are halfway to the destination. They usually end up doing something that nearly sends them to disaster (such as hiding provisions in an escape pod and then accidentaly launching it off, where it promptly hits a meteor). However, they also constantly end up saving the day, rarely on purpose.

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